Ad Art

The following ad is about, a website dedicated to locating potential jobs for the unemployed or those between jobs. The problems it confronts are working in a dead-end job and eventually finding a simple and effective way of getting a new one. The ad adresses this by pitting this poor man in a corporation full of "monkies". They crack jokes, party, and live the care-free life. They see thinsg the way they want to see them (showcased by the flipping of the bad graph) and the man seems to be the only one trying to get work done.



The ad also addresses a subtle, but important problem with society at large. The first is finding a career choice that fits your identity. Obviously, the man in the commercial was in the wrong posotion, and should have been in a place where people value hard work and were actually productive. This is a serious problem facing several people in the work force, whether it be from lack of skills or knowledge to get a job they would enjoy, or the benefit of job security outweighs the risk of quitting and trying to find better-suiting job. People all over America dread getting up to go to work in the morning because they hate their job, and these types of repeated feelings can lead to depression and stress.


A career is an important part of one's identity, and it is partly embodied by his or her coworkers. To have monkies as coworkers reflects on the man's image and, even though he is the only human working there, he is seen as just another monkey. allows him to espace from this false identity and let him find a place where he would be better suited.