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Decision Scene

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 Homesickness: I experienced homesickness first-hand when I was younger and I would start staying over at friend's houses. I would be having the best time until it was time to go to sleep. It was then that I began missing my home. I would miss my bed, my parents, my house, and this longing brought on an unrelenting, overwhelming sense of alienation. It was as if I were in the house all alone with no one to be there if I needed them. It was like I was just floating out in space, all by myself. It's a dreadful feeling, being alone. It is not without a sense of irony, however, that when I went to college, I never once lost any sleep over being far from home because I knew that I would always have that home to go to whenever I wanted.


Boredom: Boredom is no stranger to me. Boredom comes when I have nothing to do, no one to talk to, and nothing is on TV. I was always bored when I went to my grandparent's house because, naturally, they had no amenities for kids. The funnest thing to do would be climb a tree or take a walk, something that was more tailored to Huckleberry Finn than myself. It, like homesickness, are both tied together to the feeling of alienation. Both of the feelings occur when we are alone, the only difference is the context in which it happens. Boredom can be a mutual activity while homesickness tends to be exclusive to one person. I believe homesickness is just an intense desire to do something. It happens when we have nothing to do but think. Just you and your brain, one on one to contemplate any and all thoughts that pop into your head.


While watching a movie: I'm usually pretty focused while watching a movie. Since I'm an RTF major, I notice things and appreciate more aspects of film. The only time I'd ever get bored is if the movie had no interesting story whatsoever.


When I visit my parents: When I'm visiting my parents, which only occurs about once every 3-4 months, I'm always glad to be around them. There is definitely an abundance of love in my family. The funny thing is, after a while visiting them, I begin to long for my home here in Austin. A sort of reverse-homesickness. It's not that I want to get away from my family, its just that I don't like to deviate from my routine for too long. That is mainly what homesickness is: a drastic deviation from normal routine (not sleeping in the bed you've slept in for 15 years) and an intense longing to return to that routine. The good thing about homesickness is you can always make a new routine.


My Decision Scene is one of everyday routine: the buzzing alarm clock. Each morning its shrill beep resounds in my head and wakes me from my peaceful sleep. When first starting college, the alarm clock rarely won. I would hit the snooze button repeatedly until I finally just clicked the "off" button to return to my wonderful sleep. But these days I'm falling to the will of the alarm. Against every natural urge to stay in my warm, sunk-in bed, I get up and begin my day. The decision that is made is often very simple, but can have major consequences. To get up is to go to class, to learn, to get an education. To stay in bed is to fall into temptation and try to take the path of least resistance. As sure as I'm typing this, I know tomorrow morning I'll hit the snooze button about three times and rush to class, but the every morning is a new day, and a new decision to better myself.

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