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Default Moods

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I hate it when babies cry in church. I'm a very laid-back guy and I'm tolerable of many things, but when I'm sitting in church with my parents and someone has an infant child that will not shut up, I get really annoyed. That's not how you're supposed to act in church.


So how are we supposed to act?

We're quiet

We stand

We kneel

We pray


But why?


Ever since I was little, I knew you weren't supposed to talk in church. You were supposed to sit and listen to the priest/pastor/reverend and do what everyone else did. I would always stand or kneel when my parents did and never questioned how they knew when to do it. I never thought about the revered states of standing, sitting, and kneeling. I would wonder sometimes, "what if I just stood up to listen instead of sit? Would anyone say anything? Would the priest call me out, and say 'this is sit down time'" Going to church and following the routine of it has been so entrenched in my brain that I never really questioned why we did the things we did, I just did them.


I believe the default moods for church differ from someone who is raised in a church and one who converts to a religion. Someone raised in the church, like myself, only knows one thing: go to church on Sunday and do what everyone else does, and while you're doing this, gradually learn the reasons why. It's like a little kid playing T-ball. He has no idea what to do except hit the ball and run somewhere, but eventually learns the rules and nuances of the game to become a better player. A convert, however, has seen the other side. A side with no church, no religion, but sees the proverbial "light" and then makes a conscious effort to go to church. The mood of the convert is always much more reverent and prayerful than someone who doesn't really know why he's there.


I enjoy going to church. After maturing, I've realized the reasons why anyone goes to church and the objective of the institution itself. As diverse and numerous as religious institutions are, there is one common denominator among them, and that is love. All the churches of the world teach it's followers to love one another in a fashion that they would want to be loved. It's the golden rule! All corruption and humanism aside, religion is the one thing that has kept this world from tearing itself apart, and we should be forever grateful... or at least BE QUIET.



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