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Family Discourse

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Welcome to my Family Discourse page! Here you will learn all about me, my family, and the ways in which they've molded and shaped me into the person I am today. Below are links to other pages which all pertain to certain aspects of growing up Curtis, and reveal to you all why I am the way I am.


Throughout the Family Discourse page, I will refer to this as my Home Page which is symbollic since a home is the cultivating ground for a family. Many important stages in life are complemented by new homes. The first, or starter home is where a first child is born and a family begins. It is a symbol of new beginings as well as endings. The ending of a dependent form of life to an interdependent one. The second is the home we buy after we get that big promotion or finally get the nice job we always wanted. This signifies the start of financial stability and assurance in oneself, often accentuated with the first signs of real aging. After a long time at house two, we pass the torch to our children who move into house three, the college dorm. A new symbol of spreading wings and freedom, the move to college is often a dificult, but a happy time for all. Finally, we enter house four, which is usually a retirement home in Florida like Del Boca Vista. It is a place one can truly hang their hat, and looking back at the homes which were cornerstones in the building of a life.  Once you are out of college, the cycle starts all over again. (To see my cycle, check out this map.)


So go ahead and look around! Like I said, no particular order here so click the one that intrigues you the most and go from there. Enjoy!

















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