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Memory Glimpse

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The first real memory I have doesn't come along until the age of four. Granted, I have plenty of semi-memories of the mundane, everyday things a toddler would go through, but my first vivid memory is one that has a dark side. A side that to speak of it is to send a wave of nausea through the stomach. It all started one dark night when I was four...


     I awoke from my sleep reluctant and dreary-eyed. The light coming from under my bedroom door seemed to blind me, as modest as it was. It was still night and the dark air seemed hot and dry. That's why I must have wanted a drink so bad. My throat felt like it had been been sucked dry of all moisture and the impulse to drink was so great that it awoke me from sleep. I rolled myself out of bed and lumbered into the kitchen. My eyes still foggy from sleep, I approached the refridgerator and grabbed the cold handle to swing it open. The light was like a thousand suns, causing me to recoil in its glow. My eyes slowly adjusted and scanned the shelves for something to drink. And ther it was: the Scott & White Hospital pitcher given to us, compiments of the maternity ward, for the successful birth of my new little brother. I licked my lips and grabbed it.

     I remembered earlier that day my mom had mixed some Tang in that pitcher. I loved tang.

     Skipping all formalities, I grabbed the container and slid the lid to the open position and tipped it up. The anticipation alone was enough to get the job done, but I readied my throat and continued to pour.

     And that's when it hit me. My brain, completely engaged in fully enjoying this drink, suddenly locked up. The sweet taste that would have been Tang, the drink so good the astronauts took it to the moon, became ruined... SOILED... by a gut wrenching assault to all senses. There was almost no lapse in time from the liquid hitting my mouth to it coming right back out. The disgusting concoction was spewed all over the inside of the refridgerator, dripping off of another identical pitcher. It was at that moment I discovered that I had accidently swiped the wrong pitcher. The one I drank was disgusting formula milk!! That awful drink that I, to this day, have no idea how babies can stomach.


     I remember that night like it was yesterday. One of the most vivid memories of mine is more than 16 years old! It was traumatic at the time, but looking back on it, its really hilarious! If you can't laugh at yourself, you can't laugh at anything!

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