On the Premises

The movie Alien doesn't have any deep-seated, emotional message to it's audience. It doesn't give someone who watches it a new outlook on life or new morals to live by. At first glance, the

only real message this movie gives to it's viewers is how to survive an alien attack. The movie does, however showcase some important elements of narrative such as: teamwork, trust/distrust,

and survival. All these elements are represented both in the movie and in my family discourse. The ordinary world in which they are living in becomes threatened and changed into a firghtening

special world in which they must band together to survive. My life was simple until my dad's job took me across the country and back, making my family (ordinary world) become overwhelmed

by a special world (the new cities, states). We only had each other, and although it wasn't survival of the physical body that we relied on each other for, but rather survival of the spirit. We kept

each other happy, kept each other occupied while my dad found a job he really liked. 

The central idea of Alien is realized when the crew of the Nostromo are used as bait for the alien by the government. Themes of trust and distrust arise and we begin the see the history of the

crew's voyage. This premise sets up the next two movies in which Ripley is usually the last of a few survivors. When my family finally settled down in Marshall, it was like the transition from

Alien to Aliens, the sequel to Alien. It was the next chapter of ours lives as a family. The third installment can be linked to me going off to college, a big transition for both my family and myself.

The fact that we've been through so much together has made me incredibly thankful for them. They've been there for me, just like Lambert was there to pull Ash off of Ripley. We've been

through tough times together, just like the crew realizing they'd been used as pawns by the government. The operative theme of these statements, just like the movie, is togetherness. We thrive as a unit and build each other up to face the world (whichever one THAT may be).



I tried to double space this and it screwed it up, but after looking at it, it looks like a comet with the tail on the right side. Just thought that was kind of cool, sticking with the space theme.