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the image of a puzzle or puzzle piece has been documented throughout many of my assignments. Aside from the obvious, that it is a big hobby of mine, it also represents my complex nature. I tend to be a mystery to a lot of people, and I like it that way. The other day I heard the phrase "the empty can rattles the loudest" and it kind of stuck with me for some reason. I believe it describes my personality right along side "still waters run deep." To sum it all up, I'm a puzzle myself, and it takes a while to figure me out.


Functions of the Mind

In my career and entertainment discourses I discussed the effects that certain things like light, color, orientation of images, etc. can have on the brain. In movies (my next topic), all of these are used to create a mood or atmosphere. This manipulation of the mind through images and film is such an awesome power that I am constantly wanting to learn more and more about it and eventually seat a career in it.







Movies are a huge part of my life. Ever since I was little, I've read about movies I'd never seen, looked at lists of the greatest films and committed them to memory in hopes of one day seeing them all. I believe they have the potential to be the best art form because it integrates images and music. Som days I will go and rent four or five movies and watch them all one after another. Some may call it weird, but I call it dedicated. 


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