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Term Extensions

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I think of culture as a type of 'refined evolution.' The refined aspect comes from the word's natural connotation which evokes a wide array of images from a well-dressed man staring for hours at a painting to a guy in a turtle neck at a Barnes & Noble reading the New Yorker. Whatever your definition of the word 'culture' is, chances are it is within the realm of decency. The evolution portion of the term is attributed to the idea that 'cultuting' something is allowing it to cultivate, grow, and blossom, much like the agrarian use of the word.




In this sense of the word, culture can be applied to almost anything. A young boy can be cultured into a well-to-do young man with the right influences; a stray dog can be taken in and cultured into being a house pet. But in my opinion, being the music nerd that I am, find culture to be located in the world of music.


A 'refined evolution' that is culture is made apparent in the formation and cultivation of a great symphony. It starts as an idea, just a tune or melody in one's head. A tune that plagues the mind for days, even weeks before it can be relayed onto a more concrete medium. Once the tune is conceived and written, it is elaborated on. Quarter notes, eighth notes, whole rests. Different parts are added. Bass, tenor, alto, soprano. An amalgamation of noises comes together through the facets of art, science, and the humanities. All this conjoining of harmonies, counterpoints, minor falls, and major lifts is the culture of music. It is the fine cultivation and evolution of something that was once small and insignificant into something much larger and beautiful than it could ever be alone. This runs parallel with the idea of a 'human culture', one of which we are a part of and is much more powerful as a whole.



In closing, culture is whatever anyone wants to make it. It was men who made the word and cultured it into what it is today, so who is to say a man cannot change it? The world,

and the word, is ours.



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