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The Quest Schema

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 The commercial towing ship, Nostromo, is the ORDINARY WORLD for Ripley. They're awoken from hypersleep by a CALL from a distant planet. Notsromo's onboard computer, Mother, serves as the GUARDIAN of the ship, watching over the crew and helping them. They arrive at the planet and Dallas, Kane, and Lambert venture onto the planet to discover an abandoned spaceship with rows of eggs in it. One of the aliens busts out of an egg and latches onto Kane's face and he becomes unconscious which is the first OUTER PROBLEM. After a while, they leave the SPECIAL WORLD, Kane awakes, the alien detaches from his face and it dies. They all have one last meal together before returning to hypersleep just as Kane chokes and convulses on the table as an alien pops out of his chest and scurries away. The INNER PROBLEM has become the OUTER PROBLEM. Thus begins the ORDEAL. The crew members, one by one, look for the alien that is hiding in the air shafts. Their APPROACH is sending Dallas into the airshaft with a flamethrower, only to find the alien is too quick and nimble to be dealt with so easily and Dallas is killed. Ripley asks mother, the GUARDIAN, how to kill the alien, and she replies it was the "company" that wanted them to stop and get this alien sample to bring back to Earth, the crew being expendable. Thus begins a new OUTER PROBLEM, their seemingly mundane mission of space towing has turned into a government funded trip to get an alien species for military purposes. Ash finds out that Ripley knows this and tries to kill her. Lambert comes in and hits Ash with a fire extinguisher only to find out he is an android. Ash was once seen as a MENTOR, giving advice as a doctor, but it turns out he had ulterior motives. Everyone except Ripley is eventually killed and Ripley sets the ship to self-destruct. She gets in the escape pod and flies away. Suddenly, the alien appears in there with her. The problem was RESSURRECTED and is now in a final battle. Ripley jetisons the alien out of the airlock, but it clings onto the burners in a final effort to hang on. Ripley turns on the after burners, finally killing the PROBLEM.

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